The Alkhemy Reading

30 Minute Reading $77 AUD

*Both men and women welcome

Looking for some guidance?

Perhaps you are feeling a little lost or confused at this time…evening lacking energy or stuck in heavy emotions….

A 30 minute reading and healing can be exactly what you need to shift your vibration and clear what’s in the way of you feeling peace…

Alkhemy refers to the process of purification and transmutation, which can be done with our inner world and in the energetic realms. This is the Science of Magick!

Everything is energy, this is a law and understanding of this universe we live within. The health of our energy, emits our frequency to the universe which creates our reality.

The science backs the woo-woo now and we can understand the fundamental principles that everything is energy….so when we go straight to the source (the energy) we can shift this in our lives.

In this reading, we tune into your energy field, and see where you may have blocks in your energy centres and see where you may be in polarity, as we start to raise the vibration, shifting emotions, thoughts, conditions and patterns.

Lower emotions or experiences are vibrational states of being that can be connected to thoughts, beliefs, patterns and experiences that can be stuck in the layers of the body that hold us back from stepping into our power and higher states of emotions and experiences (see the chart below).

This reading will include:

  • Soul Star Healing: tapping into your soul origins and purpose
  • Card Reading and Guidance
  • Distance Healing on one main area of focus that may present itself in the reading

This can be a very powerful and a very real experience in shifting your energetic vibration into higher states, leaving you feeling refreshed, lighter and more peaceful, with clarity in areas that you may be feeling unclear about

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