The Temple Keys Activation

Are you ready to unlock the magic within?

Perhaps you’re feeling a little lost? Confused? Low on Energy? Maybe there are patterns happening in your life that you are aware of but cant seem to quite break out of?

Then this may be just the boost you need to send you in the right direction

In this session MoonRose connects in with your energy field, for a clearing, guiding and activation session that will leave you feeling uplifted, connected and focused on what your next steps for your soul path are

This session includes:

  • A card reading
  • Distance Energy Clearing
  • Guided Sound Bowl Meditation Journey

The benefits of this session:

  • Receiving guidance you may be looking for
  • Physical sensations of energy clearings
  • Releasing emotional and mental blockages that may be stagnant or stuck
  • Elevating your vibration in ways that can leave you feeling emotionally elevated and mentally clear
  • And so much more

The intention of these sessions is to help you clear some of the fog that we can get stuck in from time to time

60 mins

$88 AUD

This session is available for both men and women and is for the souls guidance

Note* MoonRose is NOT a medical or psychological practitioner. For any deep physical or mental trauma, you are recommended to consult your local GP or professional health expert.