The Temple Keys Journey Level 1

Tantric Shamanic Embodiment Process

If you are truly ready to take a deeper journey into understanding how your energy works and the different parts of your being then this may be the journey you’ve been looking for

This is an eight week container where we dive into the realm of Tantric Shamanic Embodiment

This journey is based on the Temple Keys process developed by MoonRose Mickie that has been the most powerful and potent work for those who are ready to taking steps in understanding how their being works and how this then connects with their reality. This work is based on the tantric understanding of the masculine and feminine energies that exist within all of us and play a foundational role in how we show up, who we are and even what and who we attract in our lives.

This journey dives deep into the mysteries as we explore these polarities within us, getting to know our inner relationship in deeper ways to allow us to embody our truth in powerful ways. This truly is the golden compass in our souls journey

This can be breakthrough work in becoming aware of patterns, resistance and embodiment that can allow transformational healing and integration to occur

Each week includes

1 x Masterclass

1 x 45 min Weekly Clearing & Check In

Weekly tasks and support

The Outline of the Journey:

Week 1: Initiation Ceremony and Preparation

Week 2: Light Feminine

Week 3: Dark Feminine

Week 4: The Queen

Week 5: Light Masculine

Week 6: Dark Masculine

Week 7: The King

Week 8: Inner Union

This work is truly potent and based on both Tantric elements and practices aswell as shamanic and embodiment components in a unique way that MoonRose takes you on to experience in your whole body.

The benefits of this work include:

– Deeper understanding of vibration and energy

– Letting go of old stories, limiting beliefs and emotional suffering that may be effecting you

– Finding inner harmony to create internal and external peace

– Real practices to incorporate in your daily life and how you relate with the world

There have been amazing results from this journey that have healed clients from addictions, toxic patterns, healing old trauma, low-self esteem and confidence issues, and has empowered many to find better balance and a more heart centre life as they have the tools and key to use daily in their life as well as bringing more joy and intimacy as they awaken to a deeper understanding of how they work

There may be a waiting list or limited chances to take these journeys as MoonRose will only work with a limited amount of people at a time to keep the potency and presence alive for each soul

A Soul Activation Journey is recommended prior to this to really allow the both MoonRose and yourself to see if this is the right path for your journey

Upon application only