Level 1 – Energy Medicine

This is a unique Shamanic Energy Journey for those who are ready to receive in a soft way

Are you ready to unlock the magic within?

Come and connect back with your true essence in this special experience

This is a unique journey where we take the time to calm the mind and enter into the medicine of your soul as we take you on a soul rebirthing and attunement journey

Maybe you’ve been feeling a little lost, confused, suffering with anxiety or overthinking, perhaps you’re already on a journey of looking within and are ready to activate some soul keys within you

This is a special experience that will create space to go beyond your everyday life and back into the magic of the temple of your soul

This journey will include:

  • A Tea Ceremony
  • A card reading and soul guidance
  • A unique yoga hammock experience with crystal bowls and special white rose selenite energy gridding that will take you into a divine experience of relaxation and soul reconnection

The benefits of this journey can include:

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Releasing Cords and Attachments
  • Energetic Upgrades and Attunements
  • Raising your vibration (in your electromagnetic field)
  • Letting go of old stories, identities and what no longer serves you
  • Shamanic activations and connections that are uniquely encoded for you and your gifts and abilities
  • Emotional and Energy Release
  • Ancestral and Lineage Healing
  • Past Life and Timeline Healing
  • Kundalini Awakening and Clearing
  • And so much more

What makes this journey so unique is because of the yoga hammock effect, your energy can be cleared in ways you may not have experienced on a table before

This can be a very powerful journey and is a perfect place to start before you enter into any of the deeper sessions (especially if you haven’t done anything like this before)

This is meant to be a journey, that takes you to where your soul is ready to activate and expand. You may leave feeling elevated and blissed out, tingling and buzzing but the true key here for you to remember is it is YOUR SOUL, your higher self that is doing the magic and MoonRose is merely facilitating and guiding WITH you

The tea blends is also made to assist your energy and hormonal balance

90 mins

$120 AUD 1:1

This session is for both men and women as it is for the souls activation

Location: Gold Coast Region, Australia

*Note: This is NOT sexual, this is fully clothed and is to assist those on their soul path and overall wellbeing