The Awakening Session

Are you ready to unlock the magic within?

Perhaps you have been feeling low of energy?

Stuck in your life in some way and are wanting some direction?

If the heart is not open and in coherence, this can create turmoil in all areas of our life, effecting our well being and quality of life as we can get stuck in the mind.

Sometimes all we need is a little guidance and energetic support to bring our frequency into alignment

This session is a Shamanic healing and is aimed at speaking to any blocks that may be in the way of you receiving the peace, love and joyful frequencies you deserve to feel and embody in your state of being, tapping into your soul guidance too

Energy Healing can be experienced beyond space and time, this is what distance healing can offer to our frequency

This session may include:

– Shamanic Practices and Techniques to raise the vibration of your energy field

– Emotional Release Tools and Techniques

– Distance Energy Healing and Clearing

– Sound Healing and Clearing

– Awakening Kundalini

– Heart Activation and Coherence

– Auric Field Clearing

– Connecting with your intuition and soul purpose

– Psychic and Subconscious Clearings and Reprogramming

– Ancestral Clearings and Timeline Healing

– Past Life Clearing and Activation

– Soul Retrieval and Realignment

– Card Reading and Spiritual Guidance

– Cord Releasing

– Entity and Attachment Awareness and Removal

– Shadow Work

– Self love practices and techniques

And so much more

Each session is tailored to your souls journey and needs

Both men and women a welcome

This session is conducted via Video Call

75 Min $111 AUD