The Sensual Awakening Program

Are you ready to take a deep dive into a journey that will awaken your Sensual Soul?

This 11 week journey is designed to connect and align you on all levels

Each Week includes:

  • Masterclass
  • Weekly 45 minute Session and clearing
  • Weekly 45 minute Guided Journey Session
  • Daily tasks and practices

This will be a journey that focuses on:

  • Releasing conditioning and programming you may around sexuality that may be blocking you from experiencing deeper intimacy, connection and expanded pleasure in your being
  • Mindfulness – Letting go of the past: healing wounds and trauma
  • Archetypal work – embodying different aspects and layers of yourself to discover your expression
  • Energy work – a journey through the energy centres, clearing and aligning
  • Education – understanding your body and how it works
  • Relating advice and guidance
  • Tantric Practices and elements specifically for women
  • Tantric Practices and elements specifically for men
  • Understanding how to achieve Full Body Bliss
  • Understanding erotic expression and sexual healing
  • Erotic and Embodiment Practices
  • Emotional Release Tools and Techniques
  • Sacred Sexuality and Shamanism

And so much more! This will be a journey deep into the gateways of your Sensual Truth

This is for women who are ready to reclaim their sensuality and divine feminine energy as you will learn to reconnect and nurture these parts of you and experience expanded bliss

This is for men who want to discover a whole different level of themselves, including self mastery such as separating ejaculation from orgasm for multiorgasmic experiences

This is an application process to make sure we are in alignment for your journey

Both men and women Welcome

Payment Plan Available

Value over 2k, Only for $999 AUD!

If you want more information, please email and ask for the program outline