Level 1 – Tantric Awakening

In ancient times we used to have the temples where souls would come to reconnect with the divine through the priestesses along with discovering rites of passage and initiations.

This is the sacred energy of the divine feminine as we explore the gates of the mary magdalene mysteries, where we remember the energy of loving presence, and that sacred softness that brings us back to our sensual soul in this tantric devotional worship session

Sensuality goes beyond sexuality, its our ability to FEEL, to find the bliss and the joy in giving and receiving as we rediscover the truth of intimacy and connection that can leave us feeling full body bliss, as we soften our edges and allow ourselves to experience the divine gift of awaken the senses

MoonRose holds a special transmission of the sacred divine feminine that can leave you feeling the truth of connection and the magic of the rose codes lineage that she holds deeply within her presence

This session will include:

  • A cacao ceremony
  • A washing of the feet – A sacred blessing and temple initiation
  • A sacred divine feminine embodied dance transmission
  • Awakening of the senses – Sacred devotional bodywork, worship, touch and energy clearing
  • Tantric connection and intimacy practices
  • A soft sound healing for integration

The benefits of this session:

  • Allowing the nervous system to receive loving presence can have profound effects on our ability to feel safe, calm and releaxed
  • Awakening and guidance of Kundalini energy
  • Raising your energy field
  • Awakening the body to full body bliss
  • Releasing stuck and stagnant emotions that may be stuck in the meridians (energy veins) of the body
  • Opening and clearing your ability to ‘receive’
  • Clearing cords and attachments
  • Ancestral and Past Live clearings and activations
  • Soul Retrieval and Attunements
  • Breaking Karmic Patterns and Cycles
  • Understanding and embodying your soul journey deeper
  • Healing and reclamation of your connection with your sensual energy and how you can experience it in different ways beyond genital touch, friction or sexual based acts bringing it into its innocence and power
  • Heart and Base reconnection
  • Integrating connection practices you can experience with a partner

120 mins

$270 AUD 1:1 $330 for couples

This is going to be tailored uniquely to you, although this is NOT A FULL sexual service or genital focused experience, we may leave feeling blissed out, activated and alive as it is about allowing all of our energy to come back into connection and our nature is to feel alive and awaken full body bliss

This can be super powerful for women in reconnecting with their womb space (clearing out trauma, programs and disconnection from the primal body as we store most of our emotions in the hips and womb)

Men are welcome who are truly seeking a deeper experience with the right intentions and will be at MoonRoses discernment

Couple are also welcome and can be a beautiful experience for them to deeper there connection and bliss together

This is a truly unique experience for those who may be new to the tantric realms or are curious of this magical way of being. If you have not experience tantric energy before, the temple keys sessions may be a necessary space for you to begin so MoonRose can attune to your unique journeys needs