Level 2 – Sacred Awakinkening

Are you ready to come to temple? To awaken your sensual soul?

To meet the Goddess and levels of surrender your soul yearns to experience?

This is another pathway to awakening the senses and experience our soul in uniquely powerful ways

Through the path of Sacred Kink

Sacred Kink is the weaving of tantra and kink elements, to create a unique devotional experience that can expand you on all levels.

There is so much fear and a true misunderstanding around the art of kink, when done in healthy, respectful, heart centered and conscious way, as you enter the temple of sensation, surrender and meeting the parts of you that wish to be witnessed and brought into love

Maybe you are curious about the realms of kink and tantra, how these two can work together and allow you to experience deep and powerful ways to create the exploration of intimacy and connection, or even expanded energetic states in the body…maybe you are new to all of this and wish to discover these things in a safe space with yourself or a partner?

This journey includes:

  • A yummy cacao ceremony
  • Consent and Boundaries discussion and exploration
  • Conscious role play: Goddess Worship, Submission and Domination Dynamics and others we agree upon
  • Weaving and utilizing elements of kink and tantra to weave a powerful journey of sensations such as whips, crops, various types of impact play, candle wax, electro-stimulation, shibari rope (as we will discuss and choose where you want to explore within our consent and boundaries)
  • A crystal sound bowl journey for integration

The journey will tantalize and awaken different sensations and experiences in the body, expanding your pleasure into new places, along with a deepening and attunement for your soul

Some of the benefits of this session can include:

  • Understanding consent and boundaries and how to communicate them
  • How to own and express your desires
  • Understanding healthy submissive and dominant dynamics and the energetics of this polarity
  • Healing from unhealthy domination or past experiences
  • Experience light kink in healthy ways that expand the body rather than traumatize it
  • Energy and somatic healing
  • Kundalini Activations and Clearings
  • Awakening Full Body Bliss
  • Transcendental Meditative States
  • Raising your vibration in powerful ways
  • and so much more

This truly is a unique journey and MoonRose holds a powerful space to give a healthy transmission of what conscious domination that is in service with love and softness (yet with power) can truly look like

This can be a really powerful session for those who struggle to let go or to receive or soften in their lives, this can help you into a powerful state of loving surrender.

2.5 hrs

350 AUD 1:1

$420 AUD Couples

Men and Women are welcome however this will be at the discernment of MoonRose and under her discretion, if you have not done anything like this before Moonrose may recommend other sessions to begin with as the journey will be uniquely tailored to your needs and at the appropriate pace

*Group Bookings are available for a demonstration journey and guided facilitation journey (perfect for small groups wanting to learn and practice techniques together in a group temple space) extras *$200 AUD for demo sub


*Nudity will be required for this session (within consent and boundaries). MoonRose has had extensive training and years of experience in how to safely hold a space that includes impact and diving into the realms of kink

*MoonRose mainly works with women and couples, however is available to work with men who are truly looking to master and understand their energy. This is NOT a full sexual service or extreme kink experience, this is for those truly wanting to explore how elements and kink and tantra can weave together. This is a truly unique journey that merges elements of kink and sensual shamanism. It is MoonRose’s discernment if she works with a male client depending upon his intentions and respect. This is also a great session for couples who are wanting to learning how to connect deeper and explore their fantasies in heart centered ways

*If you have not done any work like this before and you are wanting to heal from sexual trauma in particular, we highly recommend a white rose session so that MoonRose can connect with you in a way that is for your nervous system. MoonRose has many years of training and is more interested in serving your experience correctly than fast.

*MoonRose is NOT a medical or psychological practitioner. For any deep physical or mental trauma, you are recommended to consult your local GP or professional health expert