The Alkhemy Session

75 minute $155 AUD

Location: Gold Coast

*Both men and women welcome

Are you open to receiving a shift in your vibration?

To experience peace, love and bliss?

Because that is your natural state and you deserve to live from that space.

Alkhemy refers to the process of purification and transmutation, which can be done with our inner world and in the energetic realms. The science of Magick!

Everything is energy, this is a law and understanding of this universe we live within. The health of our energy, emits our frequency to the universe which creates our reality.

Science backs the woo-woo now and we can understand the fundamental principles that everything is energy

This session can go truly deep into clearing and transmuting what may be effecting you in the other layers of your being…

Sometimes the root cause of a physical or emotional problem can be pin pointed in the energetic matrix of our field, where trauma, beliefs, programs etc can be effecting our well being in this now. So to have access and clear it within those layers, allows the shift to happen in the areas that it may be showing up for us the most.

This session will include:

  • A card reading and guidance
  • Clearing and identifying the blocks within your energetic field that may be effecting you
  • Ancestral Clearings. Inner Child Healing and any other type of healing that may need to occur on a cellular level that will be necessary
  • Discovering your gifts
  • Tools and techniques that you may use such as self love practices and other supportive practices that may include breathwork, sound healing and meditation as we tailor the session to your specific needs
  • Raising the vibration of your fields overall frequency so you can feel lighter and in higher states of emotional experience
  • Heart reconnection and opening

This can be powerful in shifting our state of consciousness and really help for those who experience things such as depression and anxiety as we make deeper cellular change that will impact our physical lives in magical ways. This is so much more than just a healing session…it can change your life if youre opening to it…

Are you ready to unlock the magic within?