The Sensual Awakening Session

Are you ready to awaken your Sensual Soul?

This is an online session to activate and guide you into reconnecting your heart, sex and mind, expanding your mind and your pleasure

In this session we will:

  • Look at what you are wishing to reclaim and integrate in your sensual soul
  • Give you tools and techniques to start connecting
  • Take you on a guided sensual journey into your body and sensuality, creating a new experience and healing around your erotic energy and sensual self

The intention is to give you space to reconnect with the intelligence of you erotic energy, releasing shame and how your view your self pleasure practice with MoonRose their to walk you through it and tailor it to what you needs

Both men and women are welcome

*Note: This is not for those looking for a ‘climax’ experience, MoonRose has great discernment with who she works with and the intention behind the experience and will say no to those who are only interested in a desire based experience as she offers a space of integration and erotic expansion that is to be respected.

*Nudity and self touch will be involved

This is an application only experience and a temple vibes session may be necessary prior to any work that includes sensual expression