The Sensual Awakening Session

Dear Woman

Can you hear your womb calling you home?

Are you ready to awaken your sensual soul?

To feel your full vibrancy as the Goddess you truly are?

We live in a society that has shut down our ability to know the truth of our sexuality as women and the understanding of our sensual health (and how important this is to our overall wellbeing)

Your pleasure is a part of who you are, there is healing and power in this part of you and it is time dear woman for you to master and reclaim this essential part of who you are

This is a 90 min session to activate, heal and awaken your pu$$y power (and so much more!)

In this session we will:

  • Look at your relationship with your womb
  • Give you tools and techniques to start connecting with her
  • Give you a guided tantric self pleasure practice for healing and accessing full body pleasure
  • Reclaim the power of your yoni and sexual energy
  • Heal and clear out old programs, beliefs, traumas etc.
  • Reconnect your mind, heart and sex

Your womb is the gateway, to heaven, to manifestation, to the souls mystery and to so much more, it is our connection to this earth and our power as the feminine, it is time dear woman…to know all of you and live the radiant life you came here to live (and all the pleasure you came to experience too…its a bonus!)

$120 AUD 90 mins

*Note: Men’s education and masterclasses will be available in the membership area for the sensual awakening movement, please head to for more information there