Tantric Magic

Are you ready to Awaken your Sensual Soul?

To learn what sex magic truly is and how you can use your pleasure to create your reality?

Then this may be the session you’ve been looking for

If you are already on your journey of awakening, or understanding how energy and the universe works, this journey is where you get to go deeper and really reclaim your power in some powerful ways using tantric practices and shamanic based ceremony.

When we reconnect the mind, heart and sex centres, our being comes alive and our soul moves from a deeper state of bliss, including how we attract and what we create when these centres are connected – we are talking the science of sex magic here!

Our sexuality is a part of who are, our sensuality is our ability to feel deeper, and if we continue to keep this part of us separate, we are cutting ourselves off form our TRUE source of POWER

This session will be about taking you into a guided journey as we weave ritual and sensuality together to create magic. This session is about combining the understanding of tapping into quantum physics of manifesting and how sexual energy can be harnessed with this awareness.

Awaken your truth and shift your perception on how you can create your reality

This can be a truly powerful and potent session that can start to unlock you into deeper states of potential pleasure and understanding of self and how the quantum field works

This is for those who want to understand their sexual energy in tangibly real, conscious ways

*Note: Nudity may involved, this can be a deeper experience and is for those who are serious at wanting to know themselves and the power of their pleasure

90 MIN $200 AUD