The Sensual Awakening – Level 2

180 min $450

*Both Men and Women Welcome

Nudity involved

The integration of the Dark Erotic

Have you ever wanted to experience what it would feel like to completely surrender and be taken on a journey of sensual pleasure? To awaken to the truth of your being?

Conscious Kink can be a beautiful place to explore parts of ourself that we may be scared to own in our daily life. It can be a beautiful space to meet and integrate the parts of us that are wanting to surrender and just be allow.

Step into the Temple of the Goddess and be taken into the mystery where pleasure, pain and the void intertwine.

This session nay include:

  • Conscious Impact Play – Whipping, Spanking, Flogging, Sensory Teasing
  • Shibari Rope
  • Divine Domination and Sensual Submission
  • Conscious Devotional Role play such as Goddess Worship, Slave and Animal Play etc.
  • Tantric Somatic Bodywork
  • Tantric Energy Work
  • And much more as we tailot it to your needs

*NOTE: This is not a FULL Kink Service, this is aimed at awakening the senses and experiencing aspects of ourselves, I DO NOT offer hard kink services.

The purpose of this session is to allow you to experience kink in a healthy way that can allow you to understand it as a meditative and honouring practice, opposed to wounds and shame. This can be a truly powerful healing and somatic release for the body.

This is another path to awakening the body to states of Full Body Bliss