The 'Ascensuality' Program

Whether it’s the spectrum of achieving full body bliss or simply finding peace within your life, Tantra and Shamanic Healing offer different practices and ways of being to bring us back into alignment with our Sensual Soul

For us to live from a space of peace, joy and bliss, there are three things that need to be in alignment with each other in order for embodiment to occur

mind – heart – sex coherence

When all levels of us are aligned, are energy can flow clearly with powerful force, living us feeling alive and turned on as we take our power back

By understanding these three main centres within the body that communicate with one another, we can start to tap into living a full body blissful life as all of us is on board and engaged, the soul is leading the way.

This is powerful to understand and learn because pleasure in its truest form isn’t a goal oriented climax, it is a complete state of being that we can become. It is how we feel when all levels are in alignment. It is the awakening of how to integrate our sexuality into living in our fullest expression and totality as a being.

How we approach these parts of our self can be reflected in other areas of our life and how we receive pleasure beyond the act of sex or in the bedroom. Turn on is less about sex and more about your alignment and well being.

It can also be powerful to access our eros to empower other areas of our life (think sex magick…but you can find out more about that in sessions!)

When we reconnect our sex centre to our heart and let go of the conditions within the mind, erotic peace can become our state of being as we integrate and embrace all levels of self in its innocence and truth of expression

Weaving Shamanic and Tantric elements together truly allow us to go beyond the conditions our logical mind may have created through our life experience, to reconnect us to our sensual truth.

This 9 week journey will include:

– A weekly masterclass

– A weekly distance energy healing and clearing for your sensual souls journey

– A weekly 75 minute session

– Daily Practices and Rituals

The sessions will have two parts: Theory and Practice

The theory aspect may include:

  • Clearing and acknowledging limiting beliefs, patterns, programs, conditioning etc. around pleasure
  • Healing from trauma – letting go of the past to create more room for intimacy and deeper pleasure
  • Intimacy and Relationship guidance
  • Shifting the vibration and consciousness around your sexual energy and other aspects of yourself
  • Shifting the vibration and consciousness around your experience and awareness of life in general
  • Learning Mindfulness
  • Shadow Work
  • Emotional Release Tools and Techniques
  • Tantric Practices and Techniques to improve your life
  • Both male and female specific sexuality education and practices
  • Self love practices and techniques
  • Distance Healing
  • Orgasmic Manifesting
  • and so much more!

Once we have dived into releasing what may be in the way of you experiencing more pleasure in your life, we will go into an embodied journey in reconnecting the sex – heart – mind centres

If you are on this page reading this, its because you are ready to go deeper, and on our path of understanding ourselves and life deeper, our sexuality is a gate way that we will come to, for us to expand our mind and awareness of our being

*Note: This part is a guided meditative journey designed to realign your vibration and drop you into your body, can be done fully clothed as you will be guided into how to awaken your whole body. This is not necessarily genital based and is about having the embodied experience of awakening the cells in your being.

This can be a truly deep, intimate and profound that can leave us feeling connected and open to love.

You deserve to live a powerful life, to release the shame and old paradigms around the parts of your being that have been rejected and your overall expression in the body. You deserve to live a turned on life as you reclaim your life force and peace

If you are ready to reclaim your passion, then this session could awaken and unlock a whole world that you didn’t even know existed within your being

This may help with:

  • Women:Who are feeling disconnected from their body, their sexuality, and/or their pleasure who want to own their divine feminine and their birthright to feel sensual for healing, intimacy and manifesting in their lives.
  • This can help with issues such as numbness, inability to orgasm, menopause, post natal depression, general depression and anxiety issues, lack of self worth and relationship issues and body image issues.
  • Men:Who want to master and reclaim their sensual energy in different and powerful ways that can allow them the freedom of deeper pleasure, intimacy and power in their lives and relationships. Men that want to understand the feminine aspects of themselves such as their emotional body and how to nourish these aspects of self for inner and outer harmony
  • This can help with issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, intimacy issues, general depression and anxiety issues, lack of self worth and relationship issues and body image issues.

If you are ready to look at an own these parts of your being, MoonRose Mickie is here to walk with you on your journey of unlocking the magic that exists within and awakening your Sensual Soul

(payment plan available)

7 Week 1-1 $1999 AUD