The Journey

Are you ready to unlock the temple within?

Then lets dive into the journey within together!

This is a 7 week online program where we go on a truly special Tantric Shamanic Embodiment Journey to give us the deepest compass as we navigate our souls journey and our greatest bliss.

This journey is to create the union of our energies within the inner realms to ripple out and created harmony in our external world as we embody the depth of self love in our being. This emits a higher frequency, shifting our state of consciousness which in turn elevates our emotional wellbeing and experience of life.

These 7 weeks, we will travel deep into your internal world, with the main objective in reconnecting and creating union within the masculine and feminine energies within you and reconnecting the heart, mind and sex centres for full alignment

The Outline:

Week 1 – The Light Feminine

Week 2 – The Dark Feminine

Week 3: The Queen

Week 4: The Light Masculine

Week 5: The Dark Feminine

Week 6: The King

Week 7 : The Union

Each area we cover we will go deep into:

– The Mindset

– The Light Side

– The Shadow Side

– How this is expressed in our being

– The Energetics

– The Sexual Expression

– The polarity, merging them together to come into health expression

– Embodiment Practices and the Archetypal Integration

What this will include:

Each week

1 x Masterclass

1 x 90 min session

Daily Tasks, Guidance and Practices

The beauty of this journey of coming home within self, is that we don’t have to walk it alone, by allowing ourselves to be open to guidance, we allow the universe to hold us and gift us the magic we need for our souls growth

Whos this for:

– Those who are ready to integrate true self love

– Those wanting to learn Tantra and Ancient Wisdom both the practices and philosophy

– Those wanting to reconnect their mind with their heart and their sex centres to come into a state of wholeness

How this may help you?

– Deeper connection with self

– Releasing trauma, conditioning and programming that are no longer serving who we truly are

– Raising your vibration and elevating your emotional state of being

– Expanding your bliss and how this is expressed in ALL areas of your life

– The law of the attraction, working with life rather than pushing against it


Only $999 AUD!

These journeys are by application only to ensure alignment for both MoonRose and the client is ensured