Temple of the Dark Goddess

Welcome to the Temple of the Dark Goddess

This session is for those who are ready to integrate the darker eros with divine dominance and sensual submission within its truth and innocence

In ancient times, men would sit at the feet of the priestess, honouring the presence of divinity she held, allowing the experience and transmission of divine feminine energy in its essence, power and expression, which in turn gifted them the experience of the Goddess. This was seen as sacred and a true initiate to the devotee

MoonRose Mickie allows you to explore these parts of you that have been forgotten, to bring harmony back into the tantric expression of your souls truth

We live in a world that is predominantly masculine or yang energy based, creating excessive control and logic, leaving little room for the natural harmony of the yin aspect within us, the state of surrender and flow which is where expanded bliss exists. It is time to allow this part of you to unfold.

If you have been in your yang energy excessively, it can be difficult at times to just be told to relax or surrender, this is why these sessions can be extremely powerful for those who need a little extra push to let themselves truly let go in a safe environment

This session weaves elements of conscious kink and tantra together as you experience what its like to truly surrender

This session may include:

– Conscious Kink such as Roleplay and Ritual

– Goddess Worship and Devotee Training for those who wish to be of service to the Goddess

– Divine Dominance and Sensual Submission

– Conscious Impact and Sensation Play

– Other Somatic Bodywork

– Shibari Rope and Constraint Play

– Controlled Breathwork

– Kundalini and Other Energetic Activations

– Boundaries and Consent

– Sublimation Training (learning how to control orgasmic energy and transmute it into full body bliss)

And so much more, you can also express anything in particular you are seeking to experience, within MoonRoses discretion of what she agrees to which will be assessed on an individual basis

MoonRose Mickie holds a unique embodiment and space as a divine heart based dominant with a feminine twist. MoonRose is not your average dominatrix and is not interested in extreme degradation or harm to a beings body or soul, she is here in service to releasing shame, allowing you to experience your edges whilst freeing your soul in the ways that words could never truly explain.

This can be a truly deep and powerful space to experience and surrender to

Both Men, Women and Couples Welcome

2.5 HR $400

*Note: This is not a FULL SEXUAL SERVICE, MoonRose is trained in these types of somatic practices and play and respect this level of space as a bodyworker and healer, if you are looking for normal dominatrix work, Moonrose can recommend other beings as she holds a unique space between the light and the dark for the purpose of transcendental bliss, soul experiences and deeper healing