Temple of the Dark Goddess

Are you ready to enter the Temple of the Dark Goddess?

This is a journey that weaves tantric and conscious kink together as we go on a deeper journey of bringing light to the dark

Kink can be a place where we can truly discover deeper bliss, understanding of consent and boundaries within our body and our capacity for expanded states of pleasure, along with exploring archetypes of submission and domination in a heart based way.

MoonRose Mickie holds space a Tantric Dominatrix, taking you on a journey in owning the parts of you that you may hide from the world

This session may include:

– Conscious Impact Play: Spanking and Use of Whips, Crops and Paddles

– Role Play; The Goddess and her servant/ devotee/ slave

– Somatic Bodywork such as controlled breathwork

– And so much more. each sessions is tailored to your journey, you may request what you wish to explore within the boundaries of what MoonRose is willing to do

Consent and Boundaries discussed prior to session

MoonRose is an advocate on understanding this work as a healing tool rather than feeding into peoples shadows, the intention is for deeper expaansion and exploration of self and offering a space where you can let go and surrender to the deeper bliss that exists within the body and our soul, her domination is in service to your submission

Note: This is NOT a full sexual service, there is no physical penetration involved, however that does not mean there isn’t pleasure explored in ways that your mind may not even know is an option or exists yet. Only within your surrender to the Goddess is that space truly explored

Men, Women and Couples Welcome

2 hr $500 AUD