Tantric Shamanic Embodiment 8 Weeks

Are you truly ready to unlock the magic within?

This is Tantric Shamanic Embodiment journey for those who are really ready to go there and awaken and align their mind, heart and sex as we dive into the mysteries

This journey is about taking you deep into the visceral understanding about the tantric mysteries (beyond the idea that tantra is just sexuality based) and into embodiment of these energetic polarities that make up who we are and how we can begin to merge this to find our sense of inner wholeness and the energetic dance we play with life

This can be truly profound and deeply healing journey of coming home into yourself for those who are really want to understand tantric concepts and how to embody this in their lives

What this includes:

1 x Weekly Masterclass

4 x Level 2 Sessions

4 x Online Sessions

Week 1 – Initiation Ceremony

Week 2 – Light Feminine

Week 3 – Dark Feminine

Week 4 – The Queen

Week 5 – Light Masculine

Week 6 – Dark Masculine

Week 7 – The King

Week 8 – Divine Union Ceremony

Over $1555 AUD Value: $1111 AUD

This journey is upon application only