Tantric Awakening Journey for Men

Are you ready to awaken your Sensual Soul?

In ancient times, men would come to the Temple of the Goddess to journey with the Sacred Priestesses, through initiations, rites of passage and healing, they would meet the divine feminine energy to understand their sensuality and soul on a deeper level

This in person journey is more of a ceremony than anything else, as MoonRose takes you back in time to the Temple of the Goddess

This session will ignite your eros, activate your energy in ways you may have not allowed yourself to experience before as we reconnect the heart and sex centre, coming into the deeper magic of who we are beyond the mind

This session may include:

– Cacao Ceremony

– A Guided Sensual Journey

– Dance Activation and Witnessing

– Archetypal Embodiment

– Embodiment Practices

– Tantric Practices and Techniques

– Shamanic Practices and Techniques

– Somatic Body and Energy Work

– Lingham Dearmouring

– Kundalini Activation and Awakening

– Activating bliss in the cells of the body

– Trauma and Emotional Release

And so much more!

This is a deeply intimate, activating and powerful session that can leave you redefining what sensual energy is and how you express your sexuality, including how you experience that within the body (such as awakening to full body bliss)

If you are ready to discover the realms of Tantric Magic, then this is an experience that will level your cells vibrating at a whole new calibration

Boundaries and Consent discussed prior to session

*Note: Nudity and Body Contact is involved, Dearmouring may include the genitalia if required, this is not a climatic goal experience or full sexual service as we focus on the journey and the experience of the energy

2.5 HRS $400 AUD