The Sensual Awakening

Are you ready to awaken your Sensual Soul?

In ancient times, we used to have places of worship and devotion to the Goddess, where men and women alike would come to meet the Priestesses of the Goddess. This was a place of sensuality, initiation and devotion that was a part of our souls experience as this is an aspect that exists within each and every one of us.

To be truly connected to all of us is to realize our sex centre is a part of who we are in our innocent nature

To understand this part of our being is connected to our passion and ecstatic experience of life and our growth as an individual

Intimacy and erotic energy are a part of who we are along with our connection to the cosmos and this earth

In this session we will dive into reconnecting and discovering this part of who are as MoonRose Mickie takes you into a sensual shamanic journey into the Temple of the Divine Feminine

This session may include:

– Tantric Worship, Witnessing and Ceremony

– Kundalini Activation and Guidance

– Tantric Energy and Body Dearmouring

– Tantric Practices and Sensual Shamanic Experiences

– And so much more

This session is a journey tailored to your individual needs

Both men, women and couples

2.5 HR $350

*Note: This is not a Full Sexual Service nor Traditional Tantric Massage, this is for those who are ready to be initiated into the deeper erotic mysteries of life. Nudity May be involved

A Soul Activation Sessions are recommended prior to really clear the energy channels and allow the body to prepare, especially if we have not done any work like this before