The Light Rose

Are you ready to awaken your Sensual Soul?

In Ancient times, we used to have Temples dedicated to the divine feminine, the Goddess energy in life. Men and Women alike would come to be initiated and integrated into the stages of life, and to receive the nurture and nourishment the divine feminine energy offers in life

The Tantrika was the Priestess who knew the ways of the healing arts including sacred sexuality, to support beings on their souls journey, the sacred rose lineage were women who held special ‘keys’ for this work that can activate an awaken your sensual soul

This beautiful journey is essentially a sensual clearing that can leave you feeling elevated, vibrant and connected

Weaving Tantra and Shamanism, MoonRose has a unique way of taking you on a journey to meet and awaken your sensual soul

-Temple Burlesque – Erotic Dance Transmission

-Tantric Worship & Various Intimacy & Connection Practices

-A guided tantric journey to awaken the senses that will leave you feeling relaxed and connected

-Awakened energy and touch activations

-Kundalini Activation and Guidance

-Heart & Sex Centre Reconnection

This journey is filled with mystery, sensuality and practices that you can take to yourself and a partner

This is less of a ‘healing’ journey and more of a sensual experience to open you to new ways of relating and exploring this part of your energy

This is for men, women and couples as we tailor it to your needs.

*Nudity will be involved

Note* This Journey is NOT a full service or a goal orientated journey, if you are wishing to experience the truth and expanded potential of what your sensual energy can be, then this is a beautiful way to experience healing that allows these parts of you to be there. It is MoonRoses discernment if she feels you may need to do a level 1 session to begin with, as it will be personal to every persons experience, intention and journey. This is NOT a tantric massage either, if you are looking for these things, MoonRose can recommended practitioners. Bookings and a deposit in advance are a MUST

2 hours $400 AUD