MoonRose Mickie

Born in the UK, as a child Mickie moved across the globe living in England, South Africa and Dubai before her souls journey brought her to Australia, where she currently resides.

MoonRose is a qualified Sound, Yoga and Tantra Practitioner, Reiki Master and Shamanic Healer with extensive training in Sacred Sexuality and Somatic Bodywork. She has travelled around Australia helping thousands of souls on their journeys back to the intimacy of their truth, reconnecting their mind, body and souls

MoonRose identifies herself as a Tantric Shamanic Goddess, Priestess, Speaker, Performer, Healer and Artist and here to offer spiritual support and sensual integration for both men and women with the divine ancient temple arts that are coming back into our society

She has appeared and ran workshops teaching aspects from full body pleasure to sound healing journeys and ecstatic dances and is passionate about getting people into their bodies, she has been a guest speaker at some of the biggest spirituality, sexuality and tantra based festivals in Australia. As not only a teacher, MoonRose embodies her magic through live performances and Temple Burlesque dance, guest performing at events and festivals seeing life as an experience of Eros and Art, weaving spirituality within it all.

Her story has been shared on television in New Zealand and even the daily mail UK, sharing a message of self empowerment.

‘Whether I am discussing sacred sexuality, running a conscious kink workshop or doing just a shamanic healing ceremony….the one thing everything I do has in common is that Im working with the fundamentals of understanding vibration and energy…no matter what that looks like’

On a spiritual level, MoonRose holds a sacred space as a Priestess of initiations and rites of passage as she holds the intention to show up as the embodiment of Love for each being called to step into her field, in service to their highest self. Through her creation ‘Temple Vibes’ She trains other healers so that we can anchor in a new paradigm where the magic is unlocked within and we move from our Soul, integrating both the light and the dark within.