Tantric Magic for Men: 2.5 hr $350

Are you ready to awaken the within and come into a state of erotic peace?

There are so many spectrums and explorations of ‘Tantra’ that are available to us in this day and age, it can be overwhelming and we can get caught up in the semantics of what it all means….but in its truth, Tantra is a path towards the heart, with many different ways to get there and is available for both individuals and couples and goes beyond just sexuality. This is why my sessions are called ‘Tantric Magic’ because there is an element that goes beyond the Tantric elements and steps into the mystery where it all merges as one in the intimacy of life

As women our sexuality plays a massive part in our feminine essence and how we operate mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. When we awaken to our divine eroticism, we are remembering the Goddess that exists within us and life

Let’s step out on the mind and the logic for a moment and surrender to the experience that lies within the body beyond light or dark, good or bad, as we expand the pleasure potential that exists within every cell of our being because the natural state of our essence is actually ecstatic bliss to its core. It’s about ALIVENESS in our being!

All that is required is an open mind as you leave what you think you know at the door as we enter into another dimension of sensuality and we bring in a new paradigm of understanding how your sexual energy works and how intimacy can be experienced

As a trained practitioner, it is my integrity to hold a space that awakens you to the truth of your being with the awareness of shifting the frequency and state of the cells as we understand the body to its expanded potential going beyond the goal, and opening to the journey of bliss, life force energy and all levels of who we are, which includes our nature

This session will catered to where you are at and your specific needs as it is not about the goal…it is aboit the journry and feeling the potential in the very cells of your being and the ascension of our sensual nature

This journey may include:

  • Tantric Embodiment – Masculine and Feminine understanding and the concept of polarity
  • Tantric Massage
  • Erotic Dance Transmissions
  • Various Temple Healing Arts
  • Light and Dark Tantra – Awakening Kundalini and Life Force Energy
  • Full Body Pleasure
  • Sacred Spot Activation, Dearmouring, Education and Mapping
  • Consent and Boundaries
  • Tantric Connection and Somatic Practices
  • Divine Erotic Embodiment and Worship – Goddess Ritual
  • Relationship and Intimacy Coaching
  • Meditation and Yoga Based Practices – awareness of the energy system and other layers
  • Shamanic Healing – Energy Healing and Clearing – Unblocking what may be in the way of us experiencing deeper pleasure in our multidimensional self
  • Energy Clearing – Reconnecting the Heart, Sex and Mind -womb clearing, lineage and ancestral healing
  • Healing past hurt and what blocks us from receiving love
  • Emotional Release Tools and Techniques
  • Witnessing and Embodiment Practice
  • Using Sound – Crystal Bowl Activation
  • Understanding Arousal and Desire
  • Entity and Attachment Clearings
  • Card Readings and Spiritual Guidance
  • Understanding ‘sex magic’ and the science behind itAnd so much more as you surrender to the magic and the journey

This session is a deep and intimate experience that can leave you feeling connected and blissful on so many levels as the heart awakens to its true sensual nature in a way you can start to embody in your daily life and ripples out to effect and empower all areas of life

Are you ready to go deeper and surrender to the divine pleasure that you are and awaken the Goddess that you truly are?

What can this help with?

  • Sexual Dysfunction such numbness or inability to orgasm i
  • Intimacy and Relationship Issues with self and others
  • Owning our ‘light’ and our ‘dark’ – safe exploration
  • Trauma – Releasing from the body and other layers of our being
  • Releasing Shame around sexuality
  • Releasing outdated programming, conditioning, beliefs and suffering that are no longer serving who you are and who you want to be in your fullest expression
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Self Worth and Value development
  • Attaining extended states of pleasure and arousal within the body
  • Understanding aspects of self – Mind, Body and Soul
  • Giving permission to access and be worthy of receiving pleasure in all areas of life
  • Awakening a new paradigm of pleasure and understanding sexual energy
  • Ascension – Understanding the spiritual aspects and kundalini energy
  • Accessing and experiencing transcendental states of being
  • Clearing out entities, energy attachments, cords etc. That may exist within they energetic layers of your being

Nudity will be involved, These sessions are about reclaiming our bodies, our eros and our sensual hearts in a way that empowers and speaks the truth of your divine nature, this is a permission space to be your TRUTH. This isn’t just about being in the ‘light’ it’s about owning ALL of you so that you can reclaim your energy and power.

*Note: This is about experiencing se sensuality in new ways and a new paradigm of orgasmic expression that includes and awakens the whole body and the nervous systems response to stimulation beyond which can completely shift the way we approach and receive pleasure with ourselves and others in ways we may not have known existed before!

Location: Northern Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, Outcalls and Travel is available upon discussion and at extra cost

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