The Dark Rose

Welcome to the temple of the Dark Goddess

And when we use the word ‘dark’ – we mean the places that wish to come to the light of our awareness, including our desires

This journey is for the advanced sensual seeker as we dive into the realms of conscious kink

This is a very unique journey that weaves tantric elements with kink based practices to take you on a journey in meeting your sensual soul

This session may include:

-Roleplay: Goddess Worship

-Domination and Submission Dynamics

-Consent and Boundaries

-Tantric Connection & Embodiment Practices

-Somatic Impact Play such as whips, crops, spanking

-Kink practices such as hold and cold play, wax play and other types of sensation play

-And so much more! This is specific tailored to your needs and is about creating a journey to explore your wants and needs

The intention of using somatic impact is not to recreate trauma, but more to reach meditative or transcendental states of being and full body bliss as you go beyond pleasure or pain

MoonRose is trained in impact play and conscious kink, in order to create a safe journey for expansion

Both men, women and couples welcome as we tailor the journey to your needs

*Note: If you are looking for a full sexual service, this is not what you are looking for, this is more of a ‘kinky’ energy clearing and is not about a goal or penetrative experience.

2 hours $450 AUD