Level 2 – The Sensual Awakening Priestess Training

Are you wanting to step into the realm of the Tantric Goddess? Perhaps you are in the adult industry, a sex coach, or an energy healer in some way, that wants to be able to help people experience sensuality in a different way?

This level of work is truly for those who resonate with the Goddess, Divine Feminine or Sacred Sexuality Temple work, that feels called to hold these deeply intimate, beautiful and transformative spaces for beings to experience and expand their understanding

This Workshop will include:

  • Understanding Full Body Pleasure – understanding the science and the magic
  • Understanding the mind-heart-sex connection
  • Holding a trans-personal space – Relating from divine consciousness
  • Tantric Practices for men
  • Tantric Practices for women
  • Tantric Shamanic Bodywork
  • Tantric Philosophy and Mindfulness
  • Erotic Embodiment
  • Archetypal Work
  • Awakening Kundalini Energy
  • Sexual Transmutation – Awakening to Full Body Bliss for Healing
  • A live demonstration of a session with model
  • Somatic Tantric Bodywork
  • Yoni and Lingham Dearmouring
  • Using Tools such as Crystals Bowls and Toning
  • Understanding and holding space for erotic expression and energy
  • And so much more!

You will also learn:

  • Setting up a session structure
  • Creating Safety: Boundaries and Consent
  • Setting up ceremony and shamanic space for healing
  • Embodying the divine feminine within yourself in order
  • What it truly means to be a Priestess and anchoring in this work into the world
  • How to work with men, women and couples

This training is so much more than just Tantric Massage, it truly is a powerful journey that weaves Shamanic elements to be able to provide for beings to remember the truth of their sensual soul and leaving them in a place of healing and bliss

Level 1 is recommended prior to this work to have the basic tools that can and should be included in these sessions as we are in the healing realms, this level just includes the layer of our sexuality.

This will be a full day workshop that will include a session to activate and initiate you on your journey of Sensual Awakening

Location: Gold Coast

Includes Tantric Shamanic Kit: Feather, Blindfold, Sage

Full Day Workshop + 2 Online Sessions

$800 aud

(Price does not include model for demonstration, this can either be provided or you can bring someone)

This is a 1 on 1 Personal Training, group workshops will be offered during the year

Longer term mentorship arrangements available for the right souls

*Note: This is not a certified training and is not accredited or recognized under any government or official institutes, this is for those who are wanting deeper understanding and spiritual initiation