Level 3 – Temple of the Dark Goddess

Welcome to the Temple of the Dark Goddess

Did you know that your body doesn’t truly know the difference between pleasure and pain? That different types of impact can create healing and blissful states of being when done with care and awareness….

That experiencing submission can be a place where you can experience a sense of surrender, trance like states and bliss?

If we don’t allow ourselves to explore ourselves in healthy ways, it may come out in addictive or destructive behaviour both sexual and non-sexual (as it is all interconnected). This directly applies to our sexuality as well, if we deny the part of us that seek to feel erotic peace and we shame this part, it will come out in shameful ways. It is time to release the shame so you can come back to wholeness.

In this session, MoonRose weaves elements of Tantra and Conscious Kink together, to take you on a journey that will expand your experience as you let go and surrender to the journey as there are many ways to integrate, heal and redefine what pleasure looks like in our body and our lives.

This topic can be truly misunderstood as ‘dark and shameful’, but when the light is in the darkness, you can see the beauty, art and divine experience when done so from this intentional space, with understanding and heart connection.

Things like Conscious Impact play can actually be helpful on a somatic level to release trauma and contraction stuck within the cellular memory, this can be a safe way of releasing it if we have resistance to allowing the process and take you into a deeply blissful meditative state where a spank can actually feel orgasmic.

This experience may include:

– Guided Meditative Journey

– Divine Dominance and Sensual Submission

– Sensory Deprivation and Play

– Awakening the senses in different ways – Tantric Elements

– Conscious Impact Play

– Spanking/Crops/Paddles & BDSM

– Conscious Role Play – Exploring Desire

And so much more, each session is truly tailored to your needs!

This session is truly tailored to you and is designed to be both a session that pushes your edges but in a way that honors your soul and opens you to deeper sensations and bliss

MoonRose is a trained Conscious Kink Facilitator and holds a deep space where shame and judgement can be truly set free

180 mins $450 AUD

*Nudity involved, Boundaries and Consent discussed prior, if there are any specific things you are seeking to explore or experience, please let MoonRose know. There is no penetration in this sessions as the focus is more on other types of somatic experience and spiritual experience