Level 1- The Temple Keys

Level 1 – The Temple Keys: Tantric Shamanic Embodiment

Are you ready to unlock the magic within?

We dive into what tantric shamanic embodiment is in the FREE masterclass that you can check out in the temple vibes facebook group (if you miss this you can go back and watch it in the link below RELEASED 15/2)

If you are ready to now experience this within your being, then this is the container you are looking for

Some of the profound awareness and embodiment aspects of this program can create:

  • Healing past trauma and relationship wounds
  • Understanding your patterns and cycles and breaking through them
  • Becoming aware of where you thrive and where you are in shadow
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Taking your power back
  • Awakening to the energetics of how life is working: why you attract what you attract or blocking yourself from what you truly want
  • Greater sense of inner peace
  • Allowing more abundance and joy into your life
  • Health in the body, mind and soul
  • Tools to manage your stress
  • Deeper awareness in your relationship with yourself and others
  • And so much more!

The Outline of the weeks:

Week 1: Initiation Ceremony and Preparation

Week 2:  The Light Feminine

  • Spirit: The Maiden
  • Animal: The Inner Child

Week 3: The Dark Feminine

  • Spirit: The Mystery
  • Animal: The Wild Woman

Week 4: The Queen

  • Spirit: The Priestess
  • Animal: The Earth

Week 5: The Light Masculine

  • Spirit: The Christ Consciousness
  • Animal: The Priest

Week 6: The Dark Masculine

  • Spirit: The Warrior
  • Animal: The Hunter

Week 7: The King

  • Spirit: The Shiva
  • Animal: The Lion

Week 8: Divine Union

  • Spirit: Inner Union
  • Animal: The Embodied Soul

Each Week includes:

  • An Online Masterclass via Zoom
  • Online Clearing Session
  • 2 weekly embodiment transmissions of each area mentioned
  • Daily Practices

Each Week includes:

Each week we will dive into learning deeper about each aspect through the masterclasses, we will then dive into the energetics and the subconscious mind work to start to integrate this within our energy field and in our body, followed by daily embodiment practices, tools and techniques to start to integrate these parts of ourself  (watch as you start to shift and become aware!)

When you say yes to this container and this work, you can have profound shifts occur in your life and in your own awareness, this can be a very powerful process and is limited in spaces so we can keep the potency of the container! That is the magic of this work, when you shift things at the core resonance, it will create a ripple effect and shift in your mind – body and soul, its science!

Investment: Only $222 AUD (The last time this program was run was at $999! Payment plans also available)