Temple Vibes Session

Are you ready to soothe your soul? In this beautiful journey you will be soften into a place that will leave you feeling elevated, calm and relaxed as MoonRose takes you on a personalized Guided Shamanic Sound and Energy Clearing Journey

Each Crystal Bowl is attuned to the main Chakra Points in the Body, clearing and aligning them as they are activated and played

What makes this journey special is MoonRoses unique and powerful voice and energy clearing techniques, to help raise your vibration and clear your energy field. We understand looking after our health in the physical and mental plane, looking after and cleaning our energy field is also important for our overall wellbeing and give you guidance with a card reading

The power of sound therapy is an ancient temple art that was used as a healing modality even pre-dating Egypt, and is understood as a powerful tool for shifting our vibration and healing on a quantum level

These journeys can allow you to feel elevated, blissed out and relaxed. This is a great place and the first recommended step if you are new to the realms of embodiment and energy. This is also a great regular self care session to help you on the other levels of looking after the other layers of your being

$200 AUD 90 mins (either 1-1 or group bookings welcome)