Level 1 – Shamanic Training

Are you wanting to help beings unlock the magic that exists within?

Perhaps you are a healer who wants to take the space you can hold for others to another level?

MoonRose Mickie is trained in both Tantric and Shamanic elements and has a unique ability to explain, initiate and activate spiritual and healing gifts within another beings field

MoonRose is trained in:

– Usui Reiki: Master Level

– Shamanic Reiki: Master Level

– Traditional and Neo Tantra

– Traditional and Yin Yoga

– Trauma Release Exercise

And so much more

MoonRose has dedicated her life to holding space and understanding these realms and is here to guide, initiate and aweaken the magic that exists within you

This will be a Full Day 1 – 1 training with MoonRose that will include:

– Theory: Understanding Energy and Shamanic Healing Techniques, Session structure and application, daily practices to incorporate for your own being and conducting online sessions with distance healing techniques and using tools such as drums and crystal bowls and so much more as this will be guided for you

– Practical: Session and Healing Technique practice

– Ceremony: Powerful initiation and ceremony to activate spiritual gifts and codings within your cellular DNA

If you are wanting to take your understanding and sessions to another level then this is the perfect place to start

We are in a profound time in history, where we are awakening faster than ever before, our gifts our rising and we act as the bridge to support the anchoring in of the new paradigm

This training will include 4 x Online 75 min Sessions to offer integration and support with ongoing mentorship opportunities discussed for the right souls.

The training will be approximately 9am – 6pm, Lunch and tool kit provided.

$500 aud