MoonRose Medicine

Are you ready to unlock the Magic within?

Are you a healer? Perhaps you have learnt modalities such as Reiki and are wanting to dive deeper into your healing abilities?

Then this may be exactly what you’re looking for!

You will learn:

  • The fundamentals on effective energy healing
  • Emotional Release Tools and Techniques
  • Tuning into their energy field and inter-dimensional healing techniques
  • Working within the light and dark realms, how to meet these energies with sovereignty to be able to do the work
  • How to set up a session: structure and tools
  • Various Shamanic tools and practices
  • Understanding cords and energy attachments
  • Understanding entities and how to release them
  • Understanding ancestral clearing and healing
  • Understanding energy, vibration and states of consciousness
  • Understanding the galactic and earth grids to work with
  • Working with Shamanic elements such as Animal Medicines
  • Understanding divine embodiment
  • Yogic Practices – Meditation, Breathwork, Mindfulness
  • Understanding and working with Kundalini Energy
  • Working with healing tools: crystal bowls, drums, toning
  • Distance Healing and conducting readings

After we have gone through and practiced some of the modalities, the second part of the day will be spent in your personal initiation, activation and integration

Priestess Activation Ceremony:

  • Energy Activation’s within your field, activating coding with your DNA on a cellular level, to awaken your deeper healing abilities and past life gifts and more
  • Spiritual Initiation and upgrades for your unique healing path
  • Connection to the Galactic Central Sun, aligning neural pathways for healing power and abilities

This is a powerful day of wisdom and initiation, with any questions or techniques you wish to learn available to your unique journey

This level is not sexuality related or based, this is for healers who want to embody their spiritual gifts deeper and take their energy or healing sessions to a new level

MoonRose is a trained Reiki Master, Shamanic Reiki Master, Tantra and Yoga Practitioner and Temple Arts and Trauma Release Facilitator, who has many years of training, healing, Initiations and embodied skills to be able to do this level of work and guidance.

Prerequisite: A basic form of understanding Energy Healing such as Reiki Level 1

Full Day Training 9 – 6pm

Plus 2 x Online 90 Minute Sessions valued at $111 each

Lunch, Work Book and Shamanic Tool Kit Included

Location: Gold Coast Region

*Note: This is not a certification training, this is a workshop that may initiate yon on a soul and spiritual level, including wisdom and tools to use in your sessions however does not give accreditation in the eyes of government or institutionally. This is for those who want to learn for more than just the piece of paper

This training is for women, however the right males who are ready to learn the Divine Feminine ways may be taken into consideration upon enquiry.

Longer mentorships available for the right souls

$600 AUD