The Soul Activation Session

Are you ready to unlock the temple within?

Then let’s dive deep and see where your soul wants to take you in this beautiful Shamanic journey

In this session we dive deeper into tuning into the energies within and start to realign and reconnect them in the layers of the body.

MoonRose Mickie will use Shamanic and Tantric practices that will start to merge these energies back together within the mind, sex and heart centres, with the intention to bring the layers of our being into wholeness.

When the internal realms are within divine union, the world then becomes our mirror for the sacred love that exists within ourselves and that is where the Magic exists.

In simpler terms, we are raising the vibration of the energy field into that of higher states of consciousness which effects our emotional body, meaning you will feel better.

The deeper truth and awareness of healthy self love comes when we take radical ownership of our being and realize that it is the internal relationship where it all begins.

This session may include:

– Embodiment Practices

– Somatic Body and Energy Work

– Guided Meditation

– Crystal Sound Bowl Activation

– Emotional Release Tools and Techniques

– Soul Retrieval

– Energetic Cord Cutting

– Energy and Entity Removal

– Past Life Clearings and Integration

– Reconnecting the Heart, Mind and Sex Centres

– Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Polarity within

– Light Language and energetic Activations

These sessions can help with:

– Anxiety and Depression Issues

– Mindfulness and Emotional Awareness

– Identifying Subconscious Patterns

– Conscious Relationships: Clear Communication

– Releasing Trauma and Egoic Wounds

– Raising your Vibration: feeling ‘elevated’ and emotionally lighters

– Releasing Stagnant Emotions

– Learning self love practices and somatic embodiment techniques

– Learning the fundamental principles around tantric philosophy

– Learning conscious relationships: how to communicate in a healthy loving way

– Feeling reconnected and coherency in the mind, heart and sex centres

– Empowerment, Feeling Connected with Yourself!

– Law of Attraction: Really understand the magic of this on a whole new level


Each session is tailored to your specific needs

These sessions are conducted via location The Temple Vibes Studio Space located in Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Appointments are limited and must be atleast 72 hours prior notice

*Note: These sessions are fully clothed and focus on the embodiment and health of the soul

90 MINS $200 AUD