Sensual Embodiment Journey for Women

Are you ready to awaken you Sensual Soul?

It is time to get to know the Goddess within you

Your sensuality is a part of your health!

In this session we explore how to awaken the parts of you that have been pushed down or not been allowed to express that are holdijg you back

This session will include:

– Cacao Ceremony

– Ritual Guided Journey

– Energetic and Somatic Bodywork

– Wombs Clearing and Energy Activations

– Awakening Kundalini

– Reconnecting the heart and the sex centres

– Tantric Practices and Techniques

  • Archetypal Embodiment and Witnessing

And so much more, each session is unique to what your inner Goddess needs

This session is for those who want to drop into the body and awaken the Goddess within

*Nudity may be involved. Consent and Boundaries discussed prior

2 HRS $320 AUD