Level 1 – Awaken the Senses

Are you ready to Awaken you Sensual Soul?

We live in a society that is always in the busy and doing, it is important that we slow down and allow ourself to be, to breathe and enjoy the now.

Full Body Bliss Exists within every cell of your being and it is your right to experience that will leave you in a state of being that I like to refer to as erotic peace

In this beautiful 90 minute journey, we go on a journey to ignite the senses and awaken your sensual soul

This is tantric bodywork, incorporating massage, energy healing and tantric practices with the intention of leaving you feeling centred and alive within your body

We spend so much time in our doing, its time you allowed yourself to breathe and just be as you are taken on a journey to delight the senses and the soul

Allow yourself to feel the bliss that exists within you.

Both men and women welcome

90 min $250 aud

Location: Gold Coast Region

*Nudity and full body massage including the genital region involved, consent and boundaries discussed prior to session. This is NOT a full sexual service, the intention of this session is for relaxation and experience your sensual energy in new and different ways without the goal of release