Level 1 – Devotion

Are you ready to awaken your Sensual Soul?

In ancient times we have temples where men and women would come to be initiated by the divine feminine arts, including into their sensual self.

Come and receiving the activations for your sensual soul in this beautiful journey

  • The temple priestess experince – devotional presence and touch
  • Dance transmissions and guided sensual journey to reconnect heart, sex and mind
  • Tantric Temple Arts and practices
  • Awakening the Senses
  • Clearing the channels for the energy to move through
  • Womb and Lingham energy clearings

This can be powerful for:

  • Healing and clearing the heart and sex centre connections
  • Awakening Kundalini energy
  • Awakening your sensuality and healing with bliss in the body
  • Clearing cords and attachments that may be blocking your sexual life force

Note* This is not a full service nor a climatic experience, this can be understood more as an energetic experience that includes all energy centres, this is not a tantric massage and has the focus on clearing out the pathways and igniting the connection between the sex, heart and mind. Each session is tailored to each individual soul. MoonRose has great discernment with who she works with and the intention behind the experience and will say no to those who are only interested in a desire based experience as she offers a space of integration and erotic expansion that is to be respected.

This is men, women and couples (tailored to your needs)

This is an application only experience and a temple vibes session may be necessary prior to any work that includes sensual expression