Group Program

Are you ready to unlock the temple within?

Now is the time!

This is a Tantric Shamanic Embodiment Journey that is here to give you the keys to your inner landscape, unlocking the gates that exist inside you, so you can be who you truly are and emanate that vibration into the world

In Tantric philosophy, everything has the polarity of both Masculine and Feminine within it, this is going beyond seeing masculine or feminine meaning just5 man or woman and we start to see these aspects as primordial energies that dance with each other

The Yin and The Yang, The Fire and The Water….whatever you choose to see it as, they exist within us. When these energies within us aren’t dancing well together, this creates disharmony both within our internal realm and reflectively in our external world.

When we truly understand and take responsibility for the polarity within, we take our power back in truly deep and powerful ways and life essentially mirrors this back to us. When we become conscious of this and unlock these gates, the soul gets to truly come through in your experience and THATS where the magic and joy is!


Week 1 – The Light Feminine

Week 2 – The Dark Feminine

Week 3 – The Queen

Week 4 – The Light Masculine

Week 5 – The Dark Masculine

Week 6 – The King

Week 7 – The Inner Union

Each week will include:

1 x Masterclass

1 x Group Shamanic Clearing Journey

Mind – Programming of each archetype, healthy mindset and energetics and how this shows up in every area of our life – why we attract what we are experiencing

Body – Practices and Techniques to bring this into the body in Somatic ways

Soul – How to integrate this into who we truly are and to move from a place where the mind, sex and heart centres align with these aspects that exist within each and every one of this as we awaken the temple within