Are you ready to expand your relationship in new ways?

Perhaps you are a couple looking to go deeper into the sensual mysteries together?

Then let MoonRose guide you on a journey as we expand our minds and pleasure together

In this Tantric Ceremony, you will be initiated into the realms of sacred union

Waving Tantric and Shamanic elements, this will be a truly sensual and magical experience

This journey will include:

Cacao Ceremony

Breathwork and Embodiment

Sacred Union – Red Tantra Practices for Couples

Archetypal and Divine Embodiment

Guided Energetic and Somatic Bodywork to open the body to full body bliss

Awakening Kundalini and Energetic

and so much more

Each journey is tailored to your needs

Let the initiation of the Priestess take you on a beautiful and intimate journey into the realms of Divine Union

*Nudity will be involved, Boundaries and Consent Discussed Prior

3 HOURS $500 AUD