The Divine Feminine Path

I’m here to bring the codings of the Divine Feminine through to bring the inner union back into balance on this planet
I know so many sisters who resonate with this deeper soul calling
We all do it in different ways
Whether it’s through the light heart guiding beings back into their soft qualities that are actually a part of our being
Or through s3xual expression of owning our er0tic essence
It doesn’t matter what level it is
In everything I do
I hold the space of Divine Feminine Integration
Through allowing another to witness that through me as I embody my Goddess Energy in both it’s light and dark, it’s a gift for people to witness and receive the transmission of this
And also through allowing them to feel this part of themselves within them by holding space and guiding them into their yin aspects…including men.
It’s a gift to work on these levels
I used to feel separate in my light and dark
Until I realized, whether I’m helping people with spiritual guidance, or holding space for er0tic integration…there is no separation as I embody and channel my divinity in all of it
As a Soul Healer and S3xual Empowerment Coach, whether someone is coming for soul guidance and a sound Healing….whether someone is wanting to go a bit deeper into intimacy and their er0tic innocence, or even deeper in wanting to experience surrender through understanding their dark er0tic self…
I am it all
I see with the eyes of divine love
I am love and able to hold each space uniquely and divinely…
So they can come back into their true self
Because to me It is all Divine Feminine Healing…there are just levels to this path…and I walk all levels
And as long as I know my truth and light that fire within my soul….
It doesn’t matter how other people perceive who we are or what we do
The only approval you need is between you and you
You can’t bottle magic baby…you can however direct it…
Your magic is the love and fire you have within your heart…connect with that and direct it…you’re unstoppable and not with a push or force attitude…but a surrendering to the souls call…
That is the Divine Feminine way

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